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At Iredell Pediatric Dentistry our goal is to give your children the gift of a healthy smile. We believe in providing the very best education based on the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Your children are always growing and always changing and we’re here to help have the best teeth possible. We provide comprehensive care from the first tooth to the development of your child’s wisdom teeth.

Healthy habits that last a lifetime

We know that most kids don’t enjoy coming to the dentist. Most kids don’t enjoy visiting the dentist and we are very committed to changing that. We want them to feel comfortable about visiting the dentist and teach them the skills they need to care for their teeth. It is our goal to build a bridge of trust between our dentists, you, and your child.

We’ll always take the time to explain the situation in detail, so you always know the level of care your children are receiving. Call us to make an appointment today at 704-397-4000.

Our Mission

We’re passionate about healthy smiles! And we’ll work diligently to ensure that your child is proud to show off theirs for years to come. Every child is different. That’s why we’ll develop a comprehensive plan, so you know what to expect at each stage of their life. It’s our mission to ensure that your children develop healthy habits that will last them throughout their lives at every stage.

We strive to provide a comfortable, caring environment so your child will be happy to see us year after year.

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Learn more about Dr. Scott Mclaren

Dr. Scott is a passionate, laid-back dentist who loves making teeth shine bright like the kids he treats. He knew he wanted to work in a place where he could make jokes, laugh, and feel like he was hanging out all day.

Cleaning and fixing kid’s teeth hasn’t always been what he was known for though.


  • Dr. Scott grew up in Idaho and from an early age, people knew he was different. For one, he didn’t want to grow up farming potatoes, as much as he liked to eat them.
    Second, he enjoyed learning about medical stuff. I know, how weird huh?
  • One thing he did enjoy growing up was operating heavy equipment for his grandpa’s construction company. When most kids were driving sports cars on their PlayStation, he was driving a 65-thousand-pound loader or a giant haul truck. He may have smashed a few traffic cones while learning how to operate them though.
  • Growing up in a tiny town in a forgotten state (ya, Idaho is a real State), he loved the small-town feel and the sense of community it had.
  • He grew up hunting, fly fishing, boating, hiking, dirt biking, and basically all things outdoors in the mountains of his home state. With the likes of Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole just a few hours from his house, there was no shortage of adventure.
  • After high school, Dr. Scott served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Latvia (look it up, it’s a real place). There, he learned Latvian (again, I’m not making this up) and a little bit of Russian.
  • When he came home, he was pretty sure he wanted to be a dentist but really sure he liked girls. It wasn’t long before he met his wife and she stole his heart and he became a married man. Obviously, some kids followed and now they have three of the coolest ones.
  • His focus now is basically to make kids smile and laugh every time they visit the dentist.


  • Don’t let Dr. Scott’s laid-back attitude fool you, he’s a hustler. If you read more, you’ll see what I mean.
  • He went to Idaho State University and did all the boring prerequisites for dental school (you know, all the hard science classes), but decided that was too easy. So, he decided he might as well take all the business classes to get his bachelor’s degree in Business management at the same time.
  • Next, he was selected as 1 of 8 students in the entire state of Idaho for the Idaho Dental Education Program. An elite program, highly competitive, big scholarship, etc., etc. You get the gist.
  • Through that program, he went to Creighton University School of Dentistry. There he got all kinds of awards including the Leadership in Endodontics Awards and the AAPD Predoctoral Student Award.
  • Additionally, he was selected for the highest award presented to a student by Creighton School of Dentistry, the “Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Maschka Award” for “Displaying the highest order of professionalism, concern for the patient, honesty, integrity, morality, responsibility, scholastic and clinical ability.” No biggy…
  • After all that he was selected to join the highly distinguished Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Dental Society.
  • Dr. Scott subsequently graduated Magna Cum Laude at Dental School and because he did so well, he thought he might as well attend arguably the best Pediatric Dental Residency in the country at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. There he worked as Chief Resident.
  • While in residency he thought, “I’m getting at least four hours of sleep per night, might as well get my MBA in my free time.” So, he did.
  • After achieving so much, he knew there was only one way he could achieve more. So, he moved to North Carolina where he could be a pediatric dentist for the coolest kids in the nation.


I’ve spent my entire adult life in school and training to become a pediatric dentist. I was fortunate to learn from the very best and brightest that our nation has to offer. What I learned was invaluable in making me the best pediatric dental specialist. I did notice one thing that was lacking though. There was an obvious disconnect between what we were medically providing and what kids needed to feel comfortable at the dentist.
Most dental offices look and feel scary. I realized early on that I wanted to create a space that truly felt safe, made kids feel confident, and actually made dental visits fun. I truly believe the dental office can be a fun place for kids to be. Making a kid’s first dental visit a positive one can change their life. I’m excited to share what I’ve built with you and your family!

Learn about Dr. Kristin Miller

When we say we know Moms, we mean it! Meet the coolest MomDoc in Statesville.

Dr. Kristin Miller is a Mom herself and treats kids with kindness, compassion, and the highest level of care. She knows what it’s like to trust someone else with her little ones and that it is a huge responsibility. Her passion for treating kids as a Dentist Mom helps her understand that the struggle is real, and she believes good oral health and tooth education begins at an early age and strives to make the dental office a welcoming place for all her patients. Although all these things make her pretty awesome, she relates so well to our families because she has her own two young daughters and an awesome husband.

Fixin’ up tiny teeth and chasing around her kids aren’t the only things she’s known for, however…

Some impressive tidbits about this phenomenon:

  • Dr. Miller considers herself a midwesterner even though she has lived all over the world growing up an “army brat” since her Dad served as an orthodontist in the U.S. Army.
  • She grew up doing things like swim team, taking tennis lessons, playing violin, and even tried to create her own “Babysitter’s Club” with three friends when she was 11.
  • Like most kids, she loves to make time to read. She loved books like A Wrinkle in Time and the Mary Poppins series as a kid, and as an adult enjoys books by Lisa See.
  • She chose what is widely considered the most challenging specialty in dentistry, (working with kids) because she believes good oral health begins early and wants to help set the stage to make the dental office a welcoming place for all patients.
  • Dr. Miller graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and served four years in the U.S. Army. After serving the greatest country, and getting her dental degree at the elite University of Missouri – Kansas City, School of Dentistry, she knew she needed to find the coolest kids in the nation and serve their dental needs. Obviously, she was successful as this search landed her in North Carolina.
  • Dr. Miller is pretty focused on helping her community to put it lightly. As a small example of this, she participates in numerous dental outreach opportunities both in her local community and across North Carolina such as the NCDS Missions of Mercy, Give Kids a Smile, Team Smile, the Sandy Ridge Baptist Dental Bus (Hickory, NC), and the Foothills Veteran’s Stand downs.
  • She also makes it a point to be involved in preserving the integrity of our profession, as an active member of the American Dental Association, the North Carolina Dental Society (NCDS), and is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. She served in a variety of roles in the NCDS such as chair of the NCDS New Dentist Committee, and was a recipient of the NCDS Outstanding Young Dentist Award in 2018. This award is given to a member of the dental society who, in the first 10 years of their career, demonstrated uncommon leadership abilities and dedication to serving the profession of dentistry.
  • Feeling blown away yet? We are too!
  • After all this, she has time to go home and be an awesome mother and wife.

Learn about Dr. Rankin

“I attended Guilford College on a football scholarship. After graduating I taught and coached in the public school systems of North Carolina and Virginia for 5 years before enrolling in the UNC School of Dentistry. I was elected President of the student body before my senior year in dental school. I began my practice in Statesville in 1976 and limited my practice to pediatric dentistry. I was on the staff at Iredell Memorial Hospital and Davis Hospital and utilized both hospitals to care for very young children as well as the special needs community. It has been my privilege to serve the people of Iredell and surrounding counties. I am looking forward to being a part of Iredell Pediatric Dentistry.”




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